April 14, 2024

Aerial Advertising is that particular form of advertising which initializes and incorporates the usage of airships, air crafts or balloons for the purpose of creation, displaying and transportation of advertising media. This media may be of two forms, static and dynamic. Static media deals with the sponsorship branding such as banners, lighted signs or logos. Where as dynamic media deals with audio, sky writing or lighted signage.This sort of Advertising is most effective if a huge number of audience gathers near the particular source of advertising. Balloons, banners and sky writing are mostly located in a strategically positioned manner; where as, the long-reached vehicles such as the blimps reach the huge audience alongside their particular flight routes. Now the second form of distribution, which includes the communication means, such as the media coverage, photos of advertising and word of mouth have their reach to the extended audience. For safety and privacy reasons, aerial advertising is monitored internationally by both local and federal corporations throughout the world. Some of the common aerial advertising forms are listed below.Advertisements by blimps employment:Blimps are mostly the most effective and suitable carriers of the mobile billboards. It is because of their slow and steady speed, their attractive loiter time (which is extremely long) and their fuel costs which are inexpensive, makes them the first choice. Blimps are mostly used in such areas where the air-space is restricted and is limited for fixed-wing air crafts. The current models of blimps in use have sophisticated and sober LED billboards for the enhancement of accurate visibility and exposure.Advertisement of employing Skywriting:It is a process in which a small air craft is used; it expels smoke during the flight which makes different patterns or writings on the sky which is readable and easily viewed for those standing at ground. This form of advertising is usually popular amongst insurance companies, movies and television. It is also effective in brand advertisement, certain short messages or greetings such as birthday wishes, marriage proposals etc. It is considered to be the safest form of flying because it is practiced in controlled airspace with smooth air and sky.Advertisement of employing fixed-wing air crafts:This form is not commonly used in aerial advertising due to its speed which is very high and its loiter capability also is limited. Thus the security and safety level is not that good. How ever fixed wing air crafts are commonly used in mobile billboards and crop dusters etc. Today some people hold this opinion that aerial advertising is costly and expensive though effective. These advertising services, give their companies the opportunity to target particular customers relying on their geographical location. One of the advantages the proponents of this form of advertisement gives is that they are highly visible and large amount of audience can view it at once. Also when customers see this advertisement, it is very easy for them to recall it time and again. Because the message is displayed in an unusual manner, so the witness tends to remember it easily.Another factor of using this form is that, it is unique and innovative and it becomes so affective for the business men to market their advertisement in an impressive way so that they stand out amongst others. Publicity and media coverage is very amazing for such unconventional way of advertising. It also helps the brand to become more popular and attractive within days due to the appealing method used. So aerial advertising takes a lot of pride to introduce an attractive and innovative method to advertising.